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Love Revolution Presents OPENING THE PELVIS

Intro to Sexual Healing Massage

Opening the Pelvis — Intro to Sexual Healing Massage with Amara Karuna

  • Are you wanting more freedom and openness in your sexual energy?
  • Have you heard about sexual healing massage, sacred spot work, or sexological bodywork, and wondered what it is all about?
  • How can pelvic floor release work help you or your partner?
This evening is an overview of the intentions and practices of several styles of sexual healing bodywork. It is an introduction to Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage, the technique developed by Amara which emphasizes connective tissue release in the pelvic floor.
We will not include any hands on practice, but present descriptions, show some graphic adult content videos of sexual healing sessions, and some slides.  We will include discussion, answer questions and beginning practices on pelvic health. This class is open to all genders. Buy Tickets

People who would like more hands on in-depth training can attend the weekend classes with Amara on June 9th and 10th.

Amara Karuna has been studying alternative healing since 1978. In 1989 she developed her own approach to peer counseling, called Holistic Peer Counseling, integrating many ideas from RC with spiritual meditation practices, psychic healing, breathwork and body centered techniques. She has taught hundreds of people to do peer counseling, and has lead many classes and support groups in Hawaii, including groups for sexual healing, parents and leaders.
Amara began studying Tantra and Sacred Spot work, a method of sexual healing, on Maui in 2003, and has since studied six different methods of pelvic bodywork. She has been teaching Sacred Sexual Healing Work for men and women, and leading Tantra Pujas since 2007. See
Amara also developed Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy, a method of healing the inner infant self using cradling, hypnotic induction and suckling to address emotional issues stemming from lack of breast feeding and loving closeness as an infant. She is the author of “Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy- Healing Our Hearts Together”.

When: Thursday June 8th, 6:30-8:30 pm
Location: Love Revolution, 383 E Main St, Ashland OR
Cost: $17 in advance, $20 at the door  Buy tickets now


Date / Time 06-08-2017 06:30 PM - 08:30 PM
Location : Love Revolution
383 East Main St
Ashland Oregon 97520
Cost Information : $ - $17-20
Contact Information
Name: Brenda
Phone Number: 541-201-2060
External Site : External Site
My Home Page : Inner Site

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