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Online Series-  Spiritual Journey from Human Consciousness

heightened levels of love, joy and peace

Online Series:   Spiritual Journey from Human Consciousness to Spiritual Oneness

TO REGISTER: https://angelroselove.wixsite.com/love/spiritual-journey-series

LIVE a life of Spiritual Freedom where Self-Defeating beliefs don't control your life!

Series One: Spiritual Journey From Human Consciousness to Spiritual Oneness WITH meditation 43 minutes 

Series Two: Letting go of Ego Control WITH meditation 42 Minutes 

Series Three: Shifting energy to a more enlightened place WITH meditation 44 minutes 

Series Four: Activating inner spirit by unraveling the  belief systems and moving into expansiveness WITH meditation 46 minutes 


 These series will support the process of helping you live a greater peaceful, joyful, healthy, prosperous lifestyle

  • Experience higher conscious living and opening the heart to greater love and joy

  • Silence the chatting mind more efficiently

  • Learn how to increase inner awareness

  • Create a happy life

  • Let go of Ego Control creating a Universal Connection


$22.22 per series and $88.88 for all 4 MP3 and MP4


$11.11 per series and $44.44 for EITHER MP3 or MP4 Please specify whether MP3 or Mp4

Date / Time 02-24-2018 07:00 PM - 07:30 PM
Ashland Oregon
Cost Information : $ - $22.22 per series and $88.88 for all 4 MP3 and MP4 OR $11.11 per series and $44.44 for EITHER MP3
Contact Information
Name: Angelica
External Site : External Site

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