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The Template Ceremonies

A Journey of Sacred Ceremony Sacred Geometry & Sacred Breath

The Template Ceremonies 1-6

Join us for this full immersion workshop of 6 ceremonies

in the powerful vortex of Mt. Shasta.


Recalibrate your body with Solar Consciousness, Sacred Ceremony,

Sacred Geometry & Sacred Breath!



The Template is a series of alchemical ceremonies that use sacred geometry and sonic codes to reconnect specific circuitry in the body which awakens our dormant genetic blueprint. These reconnections instigate a deprogramming cycle, enabling us to see through the many layers of this reality and utilize more light information. This reality is created through each one of us and as each of us shifts our frequency/consciousness, it shifts the reality.


These ceremonies are initiations designed to transform the frequencies of the human circuitry, to enable us cellularly and energetically to sustain the embodiment of a new paradigm. Our challenge is to embrace and integrate the new frequency realizing not only are we mental, physical and emotional beings, we are units of circuitry . . . electric beings. They initiate a journey of healing, forgiveness, remembrance, resurrection and, ultimately, transcendence of the dualistic mortal paradigm.


Each of the circuits reconnected in the alchemical process of these ceremonies will initiate the return to wholeness and re-establish our true identities, liberating not only our relationship to each other but also to the fear-based morphogenetic grid that rules our deepest behavioral patterns, and connecting us to a new consciousness grid. Through the testing procedure of applied kinesiology(“muscle testing”), both before and after the ceremony, you will see that where there was weakness, now there is strength.

Margo Brooks will be holding ceremonies 1-6 over 6 days, June 10-15.  She has been facilitating the ceremonies for over 17 years and is the only facilitator in the US.  Ceremonies need not be done all at once but must be done in order.  For more info go to www.GeometryGoddess.com



Date / Time 06-10-2018 09:00 AM - 09:30 PM
One Song Center
Mount Shasta California
Cost Information : $ - $625 for 6 days if paid by April 1, $695 after.
Contact Information
Name: Margo
Phone Number: 510-250-7968
External Site : External Site

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