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URGENT CALL TO ACTION - Ashland Senior Center at RISK

We need this center for our parents and our selves

Tuesday(MISSED THIS ONE) at 1:00 pm at the Grove - subcommittee on the senior center
Wednesday(8/9) at 5:00pm at the council chamber - commission meeting to decide the future of the senior center.
Here are some facts:
  1. senior center's budget is under its $175,000 line item
  2. one and half employees plus dozens of volunteers keep the senior center a vital place
  3. over 100 seniors are served every day plus through several other programs
  4. Medford parks and city see Ashland's senior center as a model for them (they visited the center and were impressed by it)
  5. the seniors using this center have no voice; they are our poor elders; they are dependent on the center for vital services to keep them alive
Why is the parks director wanting to close the center and start over?
  1. new image of inter-generational center not just senior
  2. parks staff want to start over and redesign it; they have no experience in senior programs
  3. most of parks programs don't break even why focus on this one and not the others?
  4. personnel issue? retribution, too expensive health care claims, personality issues??
Attend the meetings to learn more. This is being done in August when most people aren't around and when the
the director is on vacation.
Our Ask: Move the Senior Center to the City Administration and out of Parks.

Date / Time 08-09-2017 05:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Location : Ashland - City Council Chambers
1155 East Main St
Ashland Oregon 97520
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