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Ashland School of Hypnotherapy

Professional Hypnotherapy Trainings & Certification in Ashland, OR

At the ASHLAND SCHOOL OF HYPNOTHERAPY, we offer innovative, in-depth training in hypnotherapy. We offer a variety of nationally certified courses, from our Professional Hypnotherapist Certification Training, Hypnotic Coach and Master Hypnotic Coach certification trainings, and Medical Hypnotherapy.  We also offer shorter courses including Past Life Regression, In the Presence of Dying: Hypnotherapy for the End of Life and Life Beyond Food: Hypnotherapy for Transforming your Relationship with Food.

Our programs provides the vital link between the classroom and real world practice.

We train doctors, counselors, nurses, hospice workers, psychologists, massage therapists, students, teachers and many others who want to complement their existing skills or enter a new field.

All Courses are Nationally Certified and Eligible for CEUs with the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners and many therapists' certifying boards.

"The ASHLAND SCHOOL OF HYPNOTHERAPY, the amazing school which she has created with obvious love, inspired purpose and skilled attention, goes far beyond education and techniques for learning and practicing hypnotherapy.  The rich material and the way she presented it, both elevated and grounded me as I dove into each new module curious, amazed and pushed beyond beliefs that no longer applied.  I had an ongoing sense of discovering what I already know, over and over again.  So much integrated in my being.  She has a way like no other I know, of presenting complementarities - two seeming opposites or opposing forces are caught hanging out together and busted!  Our highest heart and our inner wound harmonizing in mutual love and deepest honouring.  Whole."  Rebecca Lorange, Student


Ashland , Oregon
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Business Name : Ashland School of Hypnotherapy
Contact Name: Rochelle Jaffe, CHT
Phone Number: 541-488-3180
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Recommendations Received

Ashland School of Hypnotherapy & Rochelle Jaffe

"Attending the School of Hypnotherapy has been a profound and life changing experience for me. Rochelle Jaffe has the unique ability to create a highly effective environment where students feel safe, learn how to cultivate healing, and leave with an ability to skillfully integrate knowledge into their life and/or practice. I love this work, and the wise and wonderful impact it is having in opening my heart even more toward recognizing my own wholeness, and from there, using my life to serve love."

Sutra Ray

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