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Co-Create Your Soul's Success & Diamond Life!

Activate Your Soul's Codes & Align With Your True Brilliant Self

Amanda Butler is a highly gifted intuitive who has assisted thousands over the last 14 years to identify, address and heal past experiences, patterning, conditioning and programming from this lifetime and others within the personality/egoic Self so they can merge and co-create with their Soul’s Essence … their True Self and Love. She helps to activate your Soul Codes and create vibrational alignment with your Soul’s Essence so you can feel and know your True Self, love and purpose within your life and relationships.

Amanda developed The Diamond Co-Creative System™ which activates your Soul's Codes of Destiny and accelerates your awareness, healing, transformation, manifestation and expansion. Her expertise in energetic patterning and healing helps you to connect with your Soul’s Essence and to resolve issues and fears once and for all, such as co-dependency, abandonment, rejection, scarcity, not good enough, and lack of Self-Love, Self-Acceptance and Self-Worth so you can move on and BE your True Brilliant Self! 

She offers a FREE Co-Dependency Survey with a full report as to how you are being affected by your old patterns and behaviors. Plus Amanda offers a Complimentary 15-Minute Consultation.



Internet or at The Haven
1970 Ashland Street
Ashland , Oregon 97520
Cost Information : - FREE Teleseries
Contact Information
Contact Name: Amanda
Phone Number: 248-761-9568
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