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Natural Tune

Dynamic Wellness through Sound


Dynamic Wellness ... as simple as singing a song

Your Sound Body is the harmonic blueprint of your DNA. Your body carries a unique song within its energy lines. This song can become damaged and disharmonious through iullness, emotional trauma, injury, poor lifestyle practices, or aging. When we use our voices to introduce specific new sounds to each body part, those resonate vibrations place a new subtle energy in strategic locations to strengthen cells, tissues, organs, and bones. By doing so, this beneficial resonance can slso stgrengthen and heal many ongoing conditions, both known or unknown. Learn how to create and maintain dynamic wellness through a resonant Sound Body. We can teach you how.


When we are balanced in body, mind, and spirit, we can feel, hear, and even sing the sounds of our perfect wellness. When our bodies are not harmonized, we sing in dissonance – or we do not sing at all. We are protective of our voices and fail to speak with clarity and power.  When we are out-of-balance other conditions can show up, like depression, chronic pain, illness, disease, injuries, emotional traumas, mental challenges, and loss of personal power. These conditions are what I address with sound and music remedies. This is my therapeutic practice.

I have been involved with the healing properties of sound and music since 1995. Throughout an intensive period of study and experimentation for many years, I earned certification and knowledge from sound practitioners and indigenous sound healers all over the world. Following a wisdom path that introduced me to hundreds of sound practices, I have experienced medical, cultural and spiritual sound techniques that facilitate personal healing. Now located in the Rogue Valley, I share this wisdom through classes and personal sound sessions
As a Sound Practitioner, I teach and guide sound healing and sound wellness to those who are ready to shift their experiences through a different kind of therapy. Using a well-practiced sense of intuition and psychic understanding, I can determine the most appropriate sound paths to influence the body and aid in healing and transformation for each individual. As such, no two therapies are alike and neither will the results be predictable or "textbook." The most important variable that influences the process is whether or not the client is willing to do the sound work for themselves. I always provide mentoring and guidance along the way, but the sound has to come from each person.

When we are tuned through sound we experience:
– Inner comfort and contentment...
– Faster healing and recovery...
– The realization that we are living authentically and creatively...
– Self-confidence and inner peace that surrounds all life choices...
– The knowledge that we can handle whatever challenges arise...
– An ability to speak our truth and know we are heard...
– Overwhelming gratitude for all life's gifts...
There are sound formulas for nearly all conditions. We can help you create your personal sound prescription

Private and Group Sessions are available.

Ask about a weekly Chronic Pain Relief Group, forming now. Find out if this will help?
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Contact me!
Shara Gardner - 541-897-0466

Classes meet in Phoenix or Ashland.
check website for details:


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Ashland , 97520
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Business Name : Natural Tune
Contact Name: Shara
Phone Number: 541-897-0466
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