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Nia with Rachael R. Resch

Body-Mind-Spirit Classes and Trainings with Holistic Physical Therapist and Nia Faculty

with Rachael R. Resch


Please join me for Nia - the world's first and finest body-mind fusion fitness practice.
Since 1983, Nia has been guiding people to heal and condition their bodies through the joy of movement.
In classes, special events, workshops and trainings, deepen your soul connection to your body
as you cross-train body, mind, emotions and spirit.




Rachael R. Resch, MS PT/LMT, is a Nia Black Belt, Nia Training Faculty and holistic physical therapist with over 30 years' experience in movement and health education. 

Rachael's Nia trainings offer a unique combination of scientific and somatic inquiry, blending the perspectives of both patient and practitioner in exploration of the human body in motion for the purpose of healing and conditioning. Rachael's philosophy is that the body is sacred.

Rachael used Nia to help heal herself from years of severe asthma. She attended her first White Belt training as a PT in 1999 with Debbie Rosas and Carlos AyaRosas, lugging her portable nebulizer to every session.  As a result of becoming body literate, she is now medication-free.

A third generation typographer and former professional dancer, she holds a BA in religion and dance from Oberlin College, a master of science from Pacific University and a green belt in Shotokan Karate.  She owns Synergy Physical Therapy in Ashland, OR.

Since 1978, Rachael has studied with leading teachers in mythopoetics, somatics, energetics and the arts, including Robert Bly, Joseph Campbell, Marion Woodman, Martín Prechtel, Rabbi Aryeh Hirschfield (zt”l), Stephen Victor and Paul and Patty Richards.


Love Your Body.  Love Your Life.

The DanceSpace
Ashland , Oregon
Cost Information : - Free
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Contact Name: Rachael R. Resch, MSPT, LMT
Phone Number: 541-488-1192
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