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Training and Design Consultation
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Complete Professional Website

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WebSpirit Systems Consultative Support and Design

Training and Design Consultation for a Complete Professional Website

$25.00 for half an hour of training or designing


This Pro Home Page is a demonstration for Pro Home Sites

 If you have a logo uploaded into your WebSpirit account settings, it will automatically be placed in the top left corner of your Posts. And your personal photo will also be placed in the bottom section near the contact info. Spots for links to your external sites and networks also appear in that section.

WebSpirit Bio

I am the techno-visionary who creates the technology to fulfill the vision of Community-Centric Networking.

WebSpirit Systems is an integration of tools precisely orchestrated to facilitate membership exchange of information, services, goods and personal support. 

If you sell services, event tickets, or goods, become a Professional Member, set up your Pro Home Site, and include your PayPal selling button codes. This phenomenal local network system will enhance local awareness of your business and facilitate next paradigm communications. And you have the option of featuring your event utilizing the WorldWide option on the Post page to be accessible to other markets. 

In a graphic nutshell:

WebSpirit Future

Sharon Miranda

Community Systems Developer
Empowering Locals


  • Local Host: Sharon Miranda
  • Local Team: Donna Benjamin
  • Olympic Peninsula Host: Zoe Byrd

Additional WebSpirit Support is available through our WebSpirit Pro Page.

Specialty Services, Member Support, Technical Enhancements, Local Activities, Promotional Consultation

Location : The Temple of AllLoveUs
Ashland , Oregon 97520
Cost Information : - $25/half hour
Contact Information
Contact Name: Sharon Miranda
External Site :
Home Page : Inner Site

Recommendations Received

Sharon Miranda

"The most intricate Web Developer I have ever known. She puts me to the challenge as her programmer."

Rajha Rajesuwari

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