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Visionary Solutions

A non-profit organization providiing educational and healing solutions.

Visionary Solutions offers information and experiences to receptive souls who wish to express their maximum potential.

Teachers and healers unite at Visionary Solutions to cooperate at the level of Whole Spirit. The values of truth and integrity are the basis of developing an all-encompassing Divine Love that is flowing everywhere all the time.

Our innovative genius has just taken a giant leap!

The powers of perception are the gifts of our evolutionary age. When each person attains the absolute humilty to learn even the most subtle lessons, he/she is ready to serve the masses. There are many souls who need our gifts. If we unite and share resources we can help more people more powerfully through cooperation than through the old paradigm model of competition.

At Visionary Solutions, we provide opportunities for healing and development in all areas of life.

Michelle Engel.

President, Visionary Solutions


Ashland , Oregon
Contact Information
Business Name : Visionary Solutions
Contact Name: Michelle
Phone Number: 541-538-8676
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