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When women gather shift happens

Working together for positive change and all things good.

We want to hear from you!

Ask to participate or start a women's talking Circle. Sharing from our hearts empowers and builds community.Women have innate ability to work in collaboration to nurture and heal those around us. Great change happens easily when we build each other up and stand together.

In these prophetic times the signs are asking for our participation. We are the ones that are here to answer the call to action! Our time has come to be heard and join together to make positive change by doing our part.There is much work to do and a place for everyone..... calling all women!

Our society has become disconnected from one another and from the earth. We have lost our sense for how to be in community and living in  collaboration. Women's Talking Circles help us reconnect by sharing wisdom to apply to our daily lives and help put our ego aside as we grow from an individualistic society to creating a WE society. By offering our individual talents, together we serve the greater good.

Women have been suppressed for centuries and we are just now finding our voice. As we find our voice together we define what we want. Talking circles are a way to facilitate that voice and pull women together to empower one another. When empowered women gather, magic happens. Women hold the healing of the planet and it is time to take our places. Women Unify!

Meetings Around the Country
Ashland , Oregon
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Business Name : WomenUnify!
Contact Name: One Woman
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