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09/18/2017 WebSpirit Member Professional Logo

Now That the Smoke is Clearing

Your Indoor Environment
09/18/2017 WebSpirit Member Professional Logo

1st Saturday Community Market

Featuring Halloween costumes
09/16/2017 WebSpirit Member Professional Logo

Last Day to Save 100 Only 2 Open Seats for Training

Past Life Regression Training
09/16/2017 WebSpirit Member profile photo

Template Ceremonies Mount Shasta

Sacred Ceremony, Sacred Geometry & Sacred Breath
09/15/2017 WebSpirit Member Professional Logo

Only 2 Seats Open For Past Life Regression Training

and 2 more days to save $100 on tuition!
09/14/2017 WebSpirit Member Professional Logo

Resolve Old Karma - Past Life Regression Training

Register by Sat. Sept 16 & save $100 on tuition
09/14/2017 WebSpirit networked community logo

Sanctuary Picnic & Friendship Drive

Fundraising Event
09/13/2017 WebSpirit Member Professional Logo

Past Life Regression Training Special Offer

Register by Sat. Sept. 16 and Save $100
09/12/2017 WebSpirit Member Professional Logo

4 Days Left to Save 100 on Tuition for Training

Past Life Regression Training
09/11/2017 WebSpirit networked community logo

Open Meeting with Gangaji

Investigate the Truth Underlying our Daily Life Experience
09/08/2017 WebSpirit networked community logo

Try a "taste" of the Game Changer Intensive

An 8-week series hosted by So. Oregon Pachamama Alliance
09/08/2017 WebSpirit networked community logo

Awakening the Dreamer Changing the Dream Event

Hosted by Southern Oregon Pachamama Allian
09/08/2017 WebSpirit Member Professional Logo

Training for Wellness Practitioners

Past Life Regression
09/05/2017 WebSpirit Member Professional Logo

Save 100 on Past Life Regression Training

Register by Sept. 16

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