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Setup Steps

Your membership details are outlined in the Welcome Letter we sent to your e-mail address.
Save that email and any mailings from PayPal for future reference.

Take each step to set up My WebSpirit completely.

Step 1 - Get started:

  • Open your Control Panel and begin to post immediately or continue through the rest of these steps

Step 2 - Manage your Account Settings:

All available through your Control Panel

Step 3 - Manage Your Communications:

  • Create Posts and Events often
  • To stay current in the community, review member Posts when they arrive
  • Learn what community members are sending
  • Change your receiving categories at any time
  • Consider which categories you might want to use in your posts
  • Read important notices periodically sent from the developer or administrators
  • All Members will occassionally receive Notices from the WebSpirit Team
  • Member Posts are sent periodically after submitted
  • Event notices are put into the calendar and sent shortly (as a Post) after being submitted
  • Events and Posts are included in Daily and Weekly Digests
  • We recommend posting events 3 weeks in advance to insure presence in the digests and time to spread into the Social Networks
  • Utilize the WebSpirit Posting Services if you want us to Design or Format your Posts

Step 4 - Explore the Benefits:

  • Review the Step Features page
  • Earn posting credit awards by offering recommendations, creating your own Home Page and more

Step 5 - Consider a Stepped Up Membership:

  • Read Home Site Orientation
  • Stepped Up Members receive several free posting credits and can purchase more as needed
  • Your Logo enables your Active Material to be Featured
  • With your Home Site your business or service is shown in the Member Directory
  • Receive special discounts

Support your local community. Participate daily.

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