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Love Revolution Presents An Intimacy Workshop

Sacral Connection Intimacy Workshop

Sacral Connection: An Intimacy Workshop

In this workshop we invite you to enjoy the ebb and flow of arousal. Without expectation or destination. We ask you to recenter the goal of an intimate encounter on the journey itself. Through guided meditations and authentic relating exercises we provide a safe space for the flow towards Sacral Connection. 

Join us as we:

  • Explore what sensuality feels like in our bodies through movement and breath.
  • Engage in activities that help us to feel safe and secure with giving and receiving a “no” to intimate requests.
  • Tap into the power and freedom behind setting and respecting healthy boundaries.
  • Embrace our yes! 

The sacral chakra is the space within our energetic body, where we cultivate connection. All humans desire connection. Our aim is to teach you how to grasp the juicy essence of slowing that connection down, ask for what you desire and feel empowered to give and receive a no so that it may lead to a much more powerful yes!

We believe consensual intimacy is openly sharing oneself, fearlessly without shame or judgment. It’s a deep-set honesty, seeing the humanity in one another. Two or more souls joining in ultimate surrender to what Is.


Open hearts radiating at the same frequency.


Date: February 21, 2018

Time: 7-9pm

Cost: $10 advance/$15 day of  Reserve Now

Location: Love Revolution, 383 E Main St Ashland

About the Facilitators:

C.J. Thomas is a certified Hatha yoga teacher, burlesque performer of 3 years, and facilitator of the Me too: Community Consent Circle in Ashland. It is her strong belief that intimacy starts with consent. Her goal is to promote consent culture through holding powerful space for others to learn more about themselves and how to communicate their boundaries, desires, and needs. 

 Through working in collaboration with William Morgan to co-facilitate Sacral Connection: A Consensual Intimacy Workshop, she hopes to empower the community around the topic of consent and inspire others to dive deeper into their ability to take ownership of their sensuality. She is currently offering one on one mind, body and spirit coaching and personal yoga sessions. She also facilitates Me Too: Community Consent Circle held on Tuesdays at the Jackson WellSprings. You can find her on Facebook, follow her on Instagram @lifebythemoonyoga and learn more about her offerings online at
William Morgan focuses on alternative relationship structures with an emphasis on giving and receiving Full Consent. By following the deep longings of his heart he has found that intimacy comes in many flavors and that taking the time to explore emotions as they arise leads to fulfilling meaningful connections.
He believes that when anyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or relationship status, feels the spark it can be explored safely and satisfyingly with the use of clear communication and appropriate boundaries.
William has taken on a lifelong commitment to supporting his fellow humans in living their most vibrant lives. His technique taps into principles of honesty, transparency, vulnerability, and presence. In doing this he helps people find their “Yes!”
Please direct your questions to


Occurring Wednesday 2-21-2018 at 07-00PM-09-00PM
Location : Love Revolution
383 East Main St
Ashland , Oregon 97520
Cost Information : - $10 advance
Contact Information
Business Name : Love Revolution
Contact Name: Love Revolution
Phone Number: 541-201-2060
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