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Template Ceremonies Mount Shasta

Sacred Ceremony, Sacred Geometry & Sacred Breath

6 Day Full Immersion Workshop

Recalibrate your body with solar consciousness

and free yourself from consensus reality.



Stunning Mount Shasta is a destination for mystics, sages, and consciousness seekers from all over the world, as they hear her call. She is said to be the root chakra of the earth with her many vortices, waterfalls, high-energy indigenous underground openings, and caves. Many people come to hike and camp on the mountain to bask in her high frequency and experience profound transformation.

Those who live in the town of Mount Shasta will tell stories of encounters with Lemurians, the hidden city of Telos, Saint Germain, and alien landings. But, by far they sense a certain special feeling that comes with being in the presence of Mount Shasta’s energy vortex.

This high frequency zone is the perfect place for Template ceremonies as the geometry codes are embedded into the root charkra vortex of the planet.

Each ceremony is an initiation designed to transform the human bio-circuitry, to enable us cellularly and energetically to sustain the embodiment of a new paradigm. Our challenge is to embrace and integrate the new frequencies realizing not only are we mental, physical and emotional beings, we are units of circuitry . . . electromagnetic beings. Each Template ceremony utilizes 3D Sacred Geometry and sonic codes to connect a series of bio-circuitry within the physical body, permanently. The reconnection of circuitry initiates a deprogramming cycle that collapses the mutant matrix within us and resurrects our original Human design.

The Template is an impeccable system, holonomically resonant with each individual’s point of soul evolution and organically regulated by their capacity for change.

Is Mount Shasta Calling you?

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Occurring Sunday 10-8-2017 at 09-00AM-09-30PM
Location : Mount Shasta City
Mount Shasta , California
Cost Information : - $650
Contact Information
Contact Name: Margo

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