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The Alchemy of Light Project

with Michelle Marie Angel--author, new paradigm guide

The Alchemy of Light Project

Michelle Marie Angel

What is the alchemy of light project?


The Alchemy of Light Project is the commitment of one person to make a difference in the world.  It is the example being set by a retired teacher to follow one’s heart, to live in integrity, and learn to love unconditionally in a world of strife and war. The Alchemy of Light Project is a solution-based action toward higher holistic education.  This new education is designed to inspire the genius creativity in all generations of humanity.  It’s about Life Energy and its mastery.  It is based on the principle – with proof to follow! – that every single one of us has genius capability.  This program inspires souls to reach their highest potential.

Michelle Marie Angel (Engel) is the designer of the architecture of this new holistic education endeavor.  She is the author of the book: “It’s A New World After All: Poetry and Prose to Inspire A New World Vision”.  Her goals include completing the following:

  • Publish 56 literary titles
  • Produce 6 FOLLOW YOUR HEART Inspiration Education Programs
  • Produce 12 Events (12 titles that will be repeated)
  • Produce 12 Videos (based on the event topics)


Although 52 of the 56 literary titles have been completely written (3 have been published), the completion of the remaining 4 titles as well as the literature required to round out the 6 Follow Your Heart INSPIRATION EDUCATION programs have yet to be completed.  My goal is to have all of these deliverables available to the public by the conclusion of the project.  The events have a three-fold purpose: 1) to offer to the public exposure to the soul-activating truth in the 48 Stories for Awakened Awareness, 2) to give me deadlines to complete projects-a tool for self-motivation that inhibits procrastination!, and 3) to provide a forum for like-hearted individuals to gather in community.  The proceeds from your donation help to pay for hard costs such as venue rental and office supplies.  Eventually, enough money will be raised to publish all books and programs and get them to market.  For every $20 donation another person can be exposed to truth that raises consciousness.  Nobody is ever turned away for lack of funding.  This is primarily a service and fees cover hard costs only.  The majority of the project funding has come out of Michelle's own pocket, as this is her commitment to making a positive contibution to our community and society at large.

Everyone has their part, and each one is essential.  These offerings inspire participants to make their own personal contribution according to their own talents, skills, and gifts.

At this time, teens and college age young people are invited to come in and be a part of the Alchemy of Light team.  This will segway into the Rock My World LEADERSHIP PROGRAM, and the programs to follow.  Many bright souls are offered a springboard into their future: one that is based on the new paradigm of Being.  Self-awareness is the foundation.  You are all GENIUSES!!!

For more information, write to Michelle at: or call 541-415-4809.


Ashland , Oregon
Contact Information
Business Name : Visionary Solutions
Contact Name: Michelle
Phone Number: 541-415-4809
External Site : External Site
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