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WebSpirit Community

"WebSpirit Community revolutionizes the internet with powerful locale based capabilities - most still hidden until our community is ready for all the benefits it holds! JOIN as a Free or Pro Member today and ask how you can get involved to bring this amazing tool fully alive in Southern Oregon and beyond! Zoe Byrd"

~ Zoe Byrd - Devata Chalisa: Many Faces of the Divine

Lexi Soulios

"Excellent, empathetic, results-oriented! "

~Larry Marshall

Balanced Life Coaching

"Renée brings wisdom, insights, life experience, dedication and compassion to her practice as a Life Coach. It’s been a year since we finished our coaching, and I still rely on the tools she helped me discover and develop. Renée helped me navigate a particularly difficult transition in my life and I am forever grateful for all of the emotional support, practical advice, and soul searching that we did together. ~Lorie "

~ Renée Riley-Adams -

Rajha Rajesuwari

"Rajha now offers guided yoga directly from India through Skype. I've been enjoying her presence in my home, the sense of India source spirituality, and feel supported in this new adventure."

~ Sharon Miranda - Host @ Ashland, OR

Rajha Rajesuwari

"Rajha has been dedicated to continuous coding of a very complex system for WebSpirit, mostly out of respect for the principle. Over the years we have become as family, and support one another in whatever is needed. Some day, there will be money so we can develop this system the way it deserves."

~ Sharon Miranda - Host @ Ashland, OR

WebSpirit Community

"I just love to be part of webspirit and helping it in its coding job. "

~Rajha Rajesuwari

Illumination Graphics

"A few years back, I designed a line of hand crafted jewelry from Bali. I gave no direction to Deborah on how i wanted the website to be. She saw my jewelry and on her own came up with the most elegant, impeccable representation of the designs. I had more compliments on that site and layout than I even had on the jewelry! Deborah has such a grace and intuitive artistic vision that captured exactly what I wanted. She is brilliant at what she does! "


Ashland School of Hypnotherapy & Rochelle Jaffe

"Attending the School of Hypnotherapy has been a profound and life changing experience for me. Rochelle Jaffe has the unique ability to create a highly effective environment where students feel safe, learn how to cultivate healing, and leave with an ability to skillfully integrate knowledge into their life and/or practice. I love this work, and the wise and wonderful impact it is having in opening my heart even more toward recognizing my own wholeness, and from there, using my life to serve love."

~Sutra Ray

Ashland Websites

"David has generously reviewed the new WebSpirit elements and design and given wise and skillful recommendations. I consider him a great collaborator for technical web development and presentation design. "

~ Sharon Miranda -

Adept Graphics

"Shara has been the designer of elements in WebSpirit over the years, and a major adviser for the whole. Shara has great design skills, that reach out beyond the pixel into the realm of business acumen and internet presentation. I highly recommend her as a consultant and a graphic artist and a language artist. "

~ Sharon Miranda -

Sharon Miranda

"The most intricate Web Developer I have ever known. She puts me to the challenge as her programmer."

~Rajha Rajesuwari

Michael Kozak: New Age Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

"I want to let others know about the great job and enjoyable personal presence of Michael Kozak. Michael of New Age Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning has been doing carpets for decades and the fact that he uses tea tree oil, and no chemicals is astonishing."

~ Sharon Miranda - Host @ Ashland, OR


"WebSpirit has been steadfast in its service to the community for over a decade, and now as the need increases to adopt sustainable practices for business and living, WebSpirit has strengthened its focused devotion to online and local systems to help Community create Internal Alliance, to re-purpose local bonds and help the community to fulfill its vision for resiliency and personal potential. "

~Sharon Miranda


"WebSpirit has been a remarkable personal resource for years now. It provides more than a forum for sharing stuff. WebSpirit increases our sense of cohesive togetherness. What's that worth!!!?"

~Will Wilkinson, Director, Hidden Springs Community


"I love WebSpirit. The next day after I posted my listing to sell my old computer, I already had 3 requests. All I got from Craigslist was scam emails. I sold my computer within 2 days of posting it on WebSpirit. Thank you so much! "

~Hope Izabelle


"Posting my services and presentations on WebSpirit has been the most consistent source of new business for me since moving to Ashland three and a half years ago. WebSpirit is the most cost effective medium to reach health conscious people in The Rogue Valley."

~James Jordan


"Webspirit has been a fantastic venue of advertising for me! Lots of people have come to my class and continued to come, after discovering me on Webspirit. Thanks so much for all your work! I love WebSpirit!"

~Stephanie Lash

WebSpirit & Sharon Miranda


Do you want to feel more connected with others in your community? Do you want to be connected with all that your community offers, in a more meaningful and practical way? In these uncertain times, do you think your community use anemergency response network?

This can be a reality through a web-based communication network that includes an events calendar, email announcements, and web pages for personal and business use. All of which facilitates community exchange, support,connectivity,and community development.

WebSpirit offers all of this and more. It is a resource for community, culture, ad commerce. It was launched in 2005 in Ashland, ORby Sharon Miranda, and has become a mainstay for this community. Webspirit is valuable for knowing what the community is saying, doing, and endeavoring to create, as well as being the main vehicle for announcing personal, business and community information to members. WebSpiritbrings people, groups, and businesses together for key events, activities, and opportunities. And provides an effective way to make crucial and emergency announcements to the community.

Then imagine this community being connected in a network of other communities.

Warmly, M
Marianne Weidlein

Manifestation & Marketing for income, career, and lifestyle change
Renewal for women between lives



~Marianne Weidlein


"Dear WebSpirit:

I'm moving to the East Coast soon. I'll miss many things about beautiful Ashland but the two I will miss the most (besides my loving friends) are the Co-Op and WebSpirit Community. I suspect many of us now take for granted the enormous acheivement you have created; but WebSpirit is the heartbeat of Ashland. Everyone uses it and everyone loves it. There's nothing like it where I'm going!

If I had a penny for every time a connection was made because of WebSpirit that would not have been made otherwise, I would be a rich woman. I guess I can just be glad that WebSpirit has made Ashland a rich, vibrant and well connected community.

Thanks for all the good,


~Ka Lea Joy



Webspirit has been my lifeline to the amazing Ashland community since I moved here 3 years ago. I have used Webspirit as a blessed tool to help me find petsitters to take care of my home and animals while I have been traveling, to let people know about upcoming events that I have participated in, to buy and sell products, find places to live, furniture, and many other things.

It has been an invaluable resource to learn about events occurring in Ashland and surrounding areas. Webspirit has been like a guiding angel, helping me become part of a tremendous community of like-minded, like-hearted people. Thank you, WebSpirit Team, for the inspiration and commitment to bring us all together so consistently and generously.



~Barbara Shor



I have found Webspirit to be a great gift to myself and the local community. I am ongoingly impressed by the heart consciousness embodied in this wonderful web based communication service. The people who have created it and who make the wheels turn on a daily basis are a real pleasure to deal with.

Webspirit has been invaluable to me for knowing what the community is saying, doing and endeavoring to create as well as being my main vehicle for announcing both business and personal information in our beautiful community.

Thanks, Webspirit for being the benign spirit in the web for so many of us!

Jerem Egan, LMT, EFT-ADV, Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner


~Jerem Egan



WebSpirit offers me a way to "Be the change I wish to see in the world". I am referring EVERYONE to the WebSpirit platform, where RESOURCES and SUPPORT for Community, Culture and Commerce are envisioned, designed, created and OFFERED to the world as BRIDGES to the "Next Paradigm" NEW EARTH!

Let us all MEET on the bridge and fill up the WebSpirit Resources to enable us to thrive as a Community / Region!! - The "rEvolutionary" ONE stop, ALL encompassing Community Calendar! - The Emergency Response System... preparedness in action! - The Community Directory... find others and be found - And SO MUCH MORE... start small and GROW as you learn the systems!

WebSpirit = The Spirit of the Web: fine tuning Community, Culture & Commerce... beyond sustainability!

- Zoe Fredrikson


~Zoe Fredrikson


"Thanks for all you do WebSpirit! Another world is possible. "

~Jo from Green Springs Bodyworks


"webspirit is realy good.hard working team of preofessional updating the site to current day\'s trends. I love it a lot."



"Since the summer, I've been a member of the WebSpiritCommunity community, completely about making connections. I've seen many announcements of cool events, saw things be bought, sold, loaned. Jobs were found. (I found my bookkeeper.) I learned about service being offered, made new friends, pets have found new homes, and so much more. All because of this incredibly service. Although I don't know the vision of what this online community can be, I sense that it has a foundation that will support it for years to come. And given the disturbing developments in our country and beyond, I sense that we all will be grateful for what WebSpiritCommunity will have become. "



"WebSpirit does what computers do best in terms of enriching community. These days, networking is more important than ever, to counter the commercial, fragmented trends in our society. I appreciate the opportunity to buy and sell used products rather than encouraging new manufacture, which depletes increasingly scarce energy resources. I appreciate being able to know what my friends and neighbors are interested in, in terms of events and workshops. "

~Kayla Starr


"WebSpiritSystems is my one source for all things heart and soul based in Ashland. Sharon's untiring efforts result in a virtual real-time-akashic-record of events, activities, and opportunities along the leading edge of creation in our vital community. WebSpiritSystems is the central star, and Sharon, the Keeper of the Light in this whirling, expanding galaxy of consciousness and heart that is Ashland today. If you wish to get your finger on the pulse of Ashland's opening heart, look no further than WebSpiritSystems for the latest report!"

~Jerry Solomon


"YOU DO AN AWESOME JOB. Thank you for this service. Thank you for your Awareness & Consideration. I appreciate you,"

~Holly MacGowan


"This WebSpirit Community system is absolutely wonderful. I have sold a refrigerator through this service, got a good deal on a kitchen table, and am kept informed of events that may be of interest to me. Thanks so much for providing this service, giddy up!"

~Mike Lemieux


"All in all, this has become a very useful forum for me. I don't know how we managed without it all these years. It's exactly the kind of "connector" every community needs. Blessings,"

~Deborah-Miriam Medford


"WebSpiritCommunity has this magical way of helping fulfill needs and connect great people, I love watching and experiencing it's synchronistic nature. It has helped me many times and has become one the first tools I turn to in reaching our wonderful community."

~Deborah de Launay


"The Web Spirit Community web calendar is a tool I reference multiple times per week to find out what is happening in Ashland and surrounding areas. I frequently list events, too, knowing that local folks check it to see what choices there are for entertainment, education or spiritual development. I feel I'm quite informed due to the email notifications I receive regarding events, items for sale and even places to live. I found my current living situation through the WebSpiritCommunity email distribution system. I have had items for sale which moved very quickly, too! I highly recommend advertising or linking up to this new paradigm way of doing business in the world! Sharon is a person of great integrity and love!"

~Bridgit Tyler


"I LOVE Web Spirit Community!!! I've sold a bed,bought a luggage dolly, gotten help moving, advertised events and found new friends through Web Spirit--It's a great,great local resource! I always know I can find what I need through this blessing in our community! "


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